Ordinary Time


God, no matter what comes my way today, opportunities or challenges, you are with me.

Remind me that your grace is enough for me, especially when I’m feeling low.

Your grace sustains me.



Have mercy on us, Lord! Have mercy because we’ve had more than enough shame. We’ve had more than enough mockery from the self-confident, more than enough shame from the proud.

Psalm 123:3-4


The psalmist cries out for God to have mercy because of the shame felt from other people. Often, that’s how we feel shame. We don’t have the right stuff. We don’t look or act exactly like others want us to. We don’t quite fit in.

When others make us feel weak, the only thing that can really help us is to remember God’s grace. It is the love of God given to us to remind us that we are enough. We don’t have to let others’ opinions cause us to feel shame about who God created us to be. Isn’t that grace freeing?

The good news is this: God loves us and sent Jesus to the world to reveal that love. It was a gift of grace freely given to us, but we have to accept God’s love and grace for ourselves. When we accept that grace, we love ourselves and we love God. How can you accept more of God’s grace today?

Daniel Potter


God, have mercy on me. Remind me that you love me and that you created me to be who I am. Show me today that your grace is enough. Amen.



God’s strength is enough.

God’s peace is enough.

God’s love is enough.

God’s grace is enough.

You are enough.