Ordinary Time


Take a deep breath right now.

Notice one thing you see,
one thing you hear,
one thing your body is touching.

You are here in this place. God is here with you, too.


Praise the Lord! Those who honor the Lord, who adore God’s commandments, are truly happy! Their descendants will be strong throughout the land. The offspring of those who do right will be blessed; wealth and riches will be in their houses. Their righteousness stands forever. They shine in the dark for others who do right. They are merciful, compassionate, and righteous. Those who lend generously are good people— as are those who conduct their affairs with justice.

Psalm 112:1-5


Today’s Psalm is really all about the here and now, and not the spiritual realm of heaven. When we adore God’s commands, we are happy now! When we lend to others today, we are called “good.” We will be light in the dark! We will be merciful, compassionate, and righteous! — all because we love and obey God’s commandments right now, today.

What is interesting, however, is that here in this Psalm, these characteristics don’t hinge upon our spiritual goodness — instead, they hinge upon whether or not we lend to others and conduct our everyday affairs with justice. Even if our descendants receive wealth and riches, it is to be given away. We can pontificate, preach, and pray, but what matters to the Psalmist is whether we give, tend to the needs of others, and act justly in all our interactions with the people we encounter — today.

Erin Spengeman Hutchison


Wise God, this new year offers a fresh chance to be giving—to lend and to be just.

Help me be generous and just today.



As you go today, remember that God is ready to share wisdom.

Reach out your hands and accept it.