Spirit of the Living God, come and be with me.

Awaken me to your presence.

Spirit of the Living God, come and sit with me.

Guide me in your wisdom and truth.

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The Lord appeared to Solomon at Gibeon in a dream at night. God said, “Ask whatever you wish, and I’ll give it to you.”

Solomon responded, “You showed so much kindness to your servant my father David when he walked before you in truth, righteousness, and with a heart true to you. You’ve kept this great loyalty and kindness for him and have now given him a son to sit on his throne. And now, Lord my God, you have made me, your servant, king in my father David’s place. But I’m young and inexperienced. I know next to nothing. But I’m here, your servant, in the middle of the people you have chosen, a large population that can’t be numbered or counted due to its vast size. Please give your servant a discerning mind in order to govern your people and to distinguish good from evil, because no one is able to govern this important people of yours without your help.”

1 Kings 3:5-9

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I have asked God for patience and a heart of forgiveness, but I can't remember the last time I've prayed for wisdom. Do you? Of all the ways one can mature as an individual, do you desire to be wise? It's a tall order, and quite frankly, rarely on the top of our wish lists. Success and acceptance are more popular than wisdom. Health and happiness outrank prayers for wisdom. When it comes to a wish-list from God, something tells me wisdom doesn't make the cut.

Today's passage reminds us that maybe it should and that it's time to pray for a discerning mind like Solomon did. We tend to use phrases such as “choose wisely” or “go with your gut” to convey the value of discernment, of distinguishing the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. The practice of discernment is the nurturing of wisdom, and wisdom a sign of maturity in faith. Join me in praying for wisdom like Solomon once did, for the God who was loyal to Solomon is loyal to us, too.

Aram Bae

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God of infinite wisdom, focus my attention on what you value rather than what I want for myself only. Bless me with your wisdom and a discerning mind, so that I may be faithful in all I say and do. Amen.

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May the God of Love bless me and keep me.

May Jesus the Christ smile upon me and be gracious to me.

May the Spirit of Truth lead me in the path of wisdom and peace.

Aram Bae

After ten years in New York City, Aram moved to Charlottesville, VA and is the Associate Pastor for Youth & Mission at First Presbyterian Church. She continues to teach Christian education courses as an adjunct professor at the New York Theological Seminary, but does so remotely. In addition to her passion for youth ministry, there is nothing she loves more than a (large) plate of fried chicken, barbecue ribs, and collard greens. Cornbread sweetens the pot, too.

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