Ordinary Time


In what ways do we think we are already wise? What do we think we already know?

And how might Jesus challenge us to unlearn and relearn these things, so that we can be brought deeper into God’s wisdom?


Yes, these sorts of people will never be shaken; the righteous will be remembered forever! They won’t be frightened at bad news. Their hearts are steady, trusting in the Lord. Their hearts are firm; they aren’t afraid. In the end, they will witness their enemies’ defeat. They give freely to those in need. Their righteousness stands forever. Their strength increases gloriously.

Psalm 112:6-9


Yesterday we reflected on what it means to see the Bible as a way of learning wisdom, instead of judging. This passage is a perfect example of this. If we attempt to judge others by the words here, we can again be proud. If we attempt to judge ourselves, we can again fall into despair. After all, we're all frightened at bad news, so none of us can be described as “these sorts of people.” If we judge worthiness by this standard, we will all come up short.

We must instead look at this passage as a way of learning. We must look to Jesus to learn what not being afraid looks like. It doesn’t mean not feeling sadness (Jesus mourns for Lazarus). It doesn’t mean not wishing things could be different (Jesus prays in Gethsemane). It means not letting these things get in the way of loving others. For even in the darkest moments Jesus loves and reassures his friends.

Ed Watson


God, I pray that you might give me the grace to not criticize myself or others when we feel afraid, but instead remember that your wisdom is love in the face of fear. I pray that I might always remember Jesus’ love, and that learning this love is what it means to learn to be wise. Amen.


Be wise today by seeking to relearn wisdom through Jesus.

Look to the ways in which the light of Christ reveals things anew.