Our eyes can fool us. We are each captive to our own way of seeing things, struggling to see the world from any perspective but our own.

Sometimes we look away, afraid of what we might see or afraid of what it might mean to see things differently than we usually do.

Wisdom shines a light on what we look at, and God is the source of that illumination. Be prepared now to see things more clearly.

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At that time Jesus said, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants; yes, Father, for such was your gracious will."

Matthew 11:25–26

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Sometimes in the upside-down kingdom of God, it is not the wise and intelligent who have the answers, but those who are young in their faith—so young that they may know hardly anything! Everyone has a part; not once you become an expert, but right now, before you know all the stories and before you have all the experiences.

All of us, experts and beginners and everyone in between, have a part in the larger community of faith. We do this together. Together, we ask questions and figure out answers. Together, we follow the ancient traditions and create new ones full of meaning for today. Together, we tell the story of God’s love.

It takes all of us.

Ruth Perkins Lee

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God, thank you for my place in this community. Show me how to make contributions as I make space for others. Amen.

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May you have new eyes to see this very day a world that is not exactly all that you thought.

May God give you new wisdom to understand the things that God would have you to know.

And may all this result in a new humility that makes you a more effective witness to God’s mysterious works.

Ruth Perkins Lee

Ruth Perkins Lee serves with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Decatur, Georgia. Ruth previously served as a youth and college minister for over 10 years at Auburn First Baptist Church in Auburn, Alabama. She and Scott, a campus minister at the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, have been married 15 years and are parents to 2 amazing daughters, Dora and Abby Kate. Their favorite family pastimes are telling stories and laughing.

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