No matter how you receive it—email, snail mail, hand-delivered, or face-to-face—there’s nothing like getting an invitation! It means somebody who knows you wants to hang out with you, spend time with you, and get to know you better.

God has an invitation for you as well. It means pretty much the same thing: God wants to spend time with you and wants your relationship to grow.

This invitation comes from within. Take a little time now to accept it.

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Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”

John 20:21

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Here’s an interesting invitation today: “Have peace. Now get outta here!” What? Jesus brings us an invitation to be at peace and also invites us to go tell everyone about him. Don’t think that this is an invitation you want to accept? Well, look at it like this . . .

Telling others about Jesus brings you peace. And receiving peace allows you to tell even more people, which brings you even more peace. It’s a no-brainer! So, accept God’s invitation to receive God’s peace, and then tell someone about the peace God has given you. It’s a lot easier to understand than advanced algebra!

Bo Prosser

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Thanks for the invitation, God. I’m grateful for the challenge. I surely need peace, and I’m willing to try sharing! Amen!

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Oh, you have most definitely been invited!
Invited to join God in the good things God is doing.
Invited to walk alongside other believers in the Way.
Invited to live life to its fullest
As you follow Jesus—who invites everyone!

Bo Prosser

Bo Prosser is coordinator for missional congregations with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an author, speaker, songwriter, and collector of old Coca-Cola “stuff.”

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