Journey to the Cross


As Christ breaks bread, and bids us share,

each proud division ends.

The love that made us, makes us one,

and strangers now are friends.


“I Come with Joy” (Episcopal Hymnal 1982)


There were no needy persons among them. Those who owned properties or houses would sell them, bring the proceeds from the sales, and place them in the care and under the authority of the apostles. Then it was distributed to anyone who was in need.

Acts 4:34-35


In my city, there is an ever-increasing homelessness crisis. Though my church acts as a destination of respite from the cruelty of the world, there seems to be little change in the situation. It is difficult to pass by a person who is suffering, to see it in their eyes, but only be able to see them, nothing more. However, a deacon at my church reminded me that a spirit of mindfulness is important. Even the little things we do are valued.

Through any action and even the simplest gestures, God is saying to me and that person, “You deserve love no matter what decisions or paths you take, your abilities or inabilities.” God reminds us that even if we don’t feel we are doing enough, we’re doing something. Giving kind words and looking someone in the eye is something and may mean more than we can imagine. We are marked as God’s children, and we demonstrate God’s love when we love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

GCOYP Episcopal Youth

Question to Ponder:

What is one action, one simple gesture that you can share with someone to show that they are loved by God?


Dear God, you made me and everyone, and when I see another person, I am reminded of your love. I know that the world is full of hurting and sadness. Though I may not be able to change the world all at once, give me peace in knowing that my small acts and simple gestures can mean a world of difference for one person.



Together met, together bound

by all that God has done,

we’ll go with joy, to give the world

the love that makes us one.


 “I Come with Joy” (Episcopal Hymnal 1982)